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youtube error 400


Actually, error is not depending on connected with you Tube. but actually, these problems create with the HTTP protocol. YouTube error 400 is a HTTP status code which says that you sent a corrupted request to the server.

Some times you Tube user are face various problem when watching you Tube videos every day, some messages have got us  You Tube error 400,   you Tube error 503 etc.

So, to fix these errors, we will provide you with practical solutions, to used these steps you will fix you Tube error 400.

How to fix you Tube error 400

Method 1: – check your you Tube URL

When you write an invalid URL, the HTTP status code will return youtub 404 error and page is not found. if 404.

First simple way to fix this problem is to check the correct you Tube URL. If URL is correct then move the next step.

Method 2: – press F5 key on your keyboard several time

Basically, F5 key used for the refresh command, you will press F5 key several times because you will refresh the page your computer icon refresh and to fix such issue without any special skill.

Method 3: – clear cookies for you Tube

First, you will clear all the cookies and re- enter the login password for each website. You will follow these steps you can delete all the cookies.

  • Open google chrome and simply click in menu bar in your browser and go to the setting and then click on Advanced
  • After this select “content setting” and then go to cookies see all cookies and side data.
  • You will type you Tube in search bar after this all the cookies which related to you Tube will be show on the screen. Click and Remove all shown and popup will ask you went to delete them or not then tap on clear all
  • After this choose your browser and reset your system.

Method 5: – Reset your browser setting

You will launch chrome and go to the “setting option”> “Advanced” then the scroll goes to the end and check “restore setting their original defaults”

After this click on Reset setting and wait to complete to reset then it will disable all extension and clear temporary data like cookies.

Method 6: – clear DNS cache  

DNS cache is a temporary data base maintained by the computer operating system. There for use these steps you clear its cache to fix you Tube error 400.

  • You will type “cmd” in the search bar left corner of the computer after this click on commend prompt.
  • Press enter “inconfig/flushdns” into the page slow below and then press the enter.
  • Then see if it works.

Method 7: – Reinstall your chrome

Sometimes an extension or an external program might mass with your browser files and causes a conflict or corrupt them. Then you will reinstall the browser then your browser fixes this problem and you can see YouTube error 400 fixed now.

Method 8: – Replace the video URL with the video id

Now, go to YouTube .com and click any video to see its URL top on the screen after this end of the URL then you check that combination of numbers and letters after the equal sign. (For example: – vc1NdYXlaxA) and check for YouTube error 400 will be fixed or not.