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imessage not working on mac

How to fix iMessage not working on a Mac

When you use the iPhone to send messages, some display in green while others are blue. The green are standard SMS/MMS messages, and blue messages use iMessage, apple’s proprietary messaging services. In case you turn off iMessage, then all your messages send as standard messages and display in greens.

Let’s suppose, you don’t turn off iMessage but all messages display in green. It is a problem.

iMessage not working on Mac?

Before taking it worst, examine the problem, it doesn’t hurt. Always make sure that iMessage is not working with anyone or just not working with one contact.

If you are trouble with iMessage when sending a message to a single contact, then the problem is at their end. But, if iMessage is not working with all of your contact, and you are sure that they are using iMessage, then the problem is at your end.

Try to send a test message:-

Try to send a test message to your family member or friend, you know they use iMessage. If it fails then try to send another contact who uses iMessage. It will help you to find out if the problem is in your device.

If most of your contacts use the android phone then you don’t have more options to check iMessage problem is at your end or at another end. Let’s suppose, you have multiple devices with iMessage, then try to send a test message to everyone. But, you see that it works on Mac but not on iPhone.

iMessage is configured correctly:- 

Even if you have iMessage entitle, but you don’t have to entitle it for a specific number. It is also easy to check. On an iPad or iPhone, first of all, open settings and scroll down to messages. It seems clear but always makes sure the iMessage slider is enabled here. Now, find and click on send & receive.

Now, you can see the phone numbers and email addresses you can associate with iMessage. Also clear about, which phone number and email addresses you use is enabled.

For Mac, launch the messaging app. In the messages menu select preferences which is at the upper-left corner of the screen, now go to the iMessage option. And also sure about, which phone number and email addresses you use is enabled.

Take a Reboot:-

On your Mac device, remove it atleast once in a week, but it is not necessary for iPhone or iPad. It can help you to solve the problem of iMessage not working on Mac. You can also take one another step. If you want to turn off iMessage, reboot it, and then turn on back.

For iPhone or iPad device, open Settings, and scroll down to messages. Now, you can see iMessage toggle is at the very top of the screen. Then turn off and reboot your device and again turn on.

For Mac, open the Messages app and click on preferences from the app menu which is at the top-left of the screen. Now, go to the iMessages and uncheck enable this account which is under your Apple ID. Now, reboot it and turn on back….

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