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why is firefox so slow

How to solve Firefox is so slow issue

Mozilla Firefox is known to be one of the best web browsers that are available on any platform now a day. Because of this many people like to use this web browser. But when we use Mozilla Firefox on Mac, there is actually a tendency that using the Mozilla Firefox tends to slow down their mac.

Reason why is Firefox so slow:-

The reason for Mozilla Firefox so slow on your mac is depends on the OS X version that you are using. Here are the reasons for this kind of problem:

  • Actually, you are browsing websites that seek you to use plugins such as JavaScript and adobe reader. So, because of this it can slow down your Mozilla Firefox or hang it.
  • It may be possible that you are opening too many tabs on your Mozilla Firefox at the same time and most of the tabs have Ajax-based website. These Ajax-based websites are the ones who send out data to client PC real-time which makes it the single reason for most websites who are running in your Ajax makes you’re your Mac run sloe.
  • There might be possible that multiple third party resources running on your mac. This is the reason why it drains your RAM resulting in not have resources for Mozilla Firefox to make your request.
  • You don’t update your Mozilla Firefox.
  • It may be possible that you have not cleared out your browsing history as well as your cache on your browser Firefox for a long time.
  • You have not cleared your Mac for a while.

How to make your Mozilla Firefox run faster on MAC:-

Now you are aware of all possible reasons as to why is Firefox so slow on Mac. Here are the solutions of why is Firefox so slow:

  1. Update your Mozilla Firefox:-
    • Having an outdated Mozilla Firefox is a cause as to why it runs slow on your mac. That’s why update the program on time is necessary. Updating your Mozilla Firefox with the latest version can fix all bugs.
  2. Close all tabs and windows in Mozilla Firefox:-
    • Suppose, you open several tabs on your mac simultaneously, then it could be the reason for your browser to slow down. It happens because all tabs which you open on your mac is eating your system resources. And when these resources become limited, then the result is that the tabs you open will take a slow process. So, always make sure that you close all unnecessary tabs on your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  3. Clear your Browser’s history:-
    • Firefox history affects when it comes to its performance. If you have a bunch of data under your browser’s history, then you will experience that your Firefox browser run slow. That’s why clean your browser timely.

Now you have to follow the below steps to clear out the history of your browser.

  • Launch your Mozilla Firefox on your mac and then navigate the history.
  • Now choose clear recent history
  • From there, go ahead and choose the details and choose all the options.
  • Once, you have chosen the range of time that you want to remove from your browser’s history, go ahead and click on the clear now option.

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