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How to fix Mozilla Firefox Critical Error

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mozilla firefox critical error

How to fix Mozilla Firefox Critical Error

You all are well aware of Mozilla Firefox, it is an internet browser which is used by most of the users. While you surfing the net through Mozilla Firefox and sudden you get a pop-up error message saying “Mozilla Firefox critical error”, that means it clogs you to surfing the net. This critical error on your Mozilla Firefox can create a lot of infection to your system and also your secure data is at risk. This generally occurs when your system needs treatment because it has gone into a dangerous zone.

The critical error of Mozilla Firefox is a red screen alert which shows on Mozilla Firefox web-browser. But, it doesn’t mean that your system PC is on hacker’s target or influence with Trojan horse. This Mozilla Firefox critical error is a scam alert that is distributed by cyber criminals because they try to prank people into calling for trickster and state their personal information or install third-party doubtful apps.

The occurrence of a critical error on Mozilla Firefox requires anyone from both conditions, the system’s owner either install adware or access a compromised website which is infected with the malicious code. If malicious code is the cause of the critical error on Mozilla Firefox then it shows a pop-up message and freezes the screen, so you cannot close the current tab or web browser.

Critical error also reports to you that it stole user’s personal information and blame that a Trojan horse start to compromise with the stored information in the hard disk. When you get this red screen pop-up error then at the top you see an error code and also a technical support number. This authentication request pop-up message asks for the user’s username and password by which they can easily access their account. If you call at that given number then it also dangerous for your account. So, just ignore this pop-up authentication request message to save your account with such kind of scam. Never call at that number which is mention with error code like “Mozilla Firefox critical error 0xBK6301029”.

Solution to fix Mozilla Firefox critical error:-

As we have discussed above that we cannot close the current tab once you get this critical error scam message on your Mozilla Firefox. So, for closing this pop-up message follow the below steps:

  • At first, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously to open Windows Task Manager.
  • Now, search for Mozilla Firefox from the available list and tap on it.
  • Click on End Task.
  • When your Mozilla Firefox is closed, you should remove Mozilla Firefox critical error adware. Use Reimage to remove it.

If the Mozilla Firefox critical error is triggered by an adware, which has not been added to the virus database yet, anti-malware might be failed to recognize it. so, check the programs manually:

  • Press Windows key + I simultaneously to open the Apps section.
  • Navigate to Control Panel and then select

    Programs & Features.

  • Check the list of installed programs carefully. If you find out suspicious one so you can find for it online to search out if it fails for the PUP category.
  • Now, tap on the unwanted program and tap on


Check for the date of recently installed programs and if it tallies with the occurrence of the Mozilla Firefox critical error, so make sure to remove it. Don’t forget to reset Mozilla Firefox otherwise, the pop-up will keep showing you.

One of the fastest ways to reset Mozilla Firefox is to open the Mozilla Firefox’s official website link and tap on refresh option. Or, you can do one thing also:

  • At first, launch Mozilla Firefox and tap on the Menu icon which is at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, enter about:support in the address bar and hit Enter button to open the troubleshooting information page.
  • After that, tap on the Refresh Firefox button and again tap on Refresh Firefox on the confirmation window.
  • Now, tap on the Finish option and restart the browser.

If you work on Mozilla Firefox and get a critical error that clogs you to work further, so follow the above mentioned solution to fix your error quickly. For further queries, you can call us to resolve your solution. We do our best to resolve your query as soon as possible.


Ujjwal Abhishek

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