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How to fix Facebook Marketplace not working

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acebook marketplace not working

How to fix Facebook Marketplace not working

You would not the first person who thinks that the Facebook marketplace is beyond desperate when it comes to technical support and customer service. Means, no live chat support, no number to call, nothing is here that can help you or guide you to get rid of this difficulty.

There is no shortage of bugs with the world’s leading social media platform which is Facebook Marketplace. When the error Facebook Marketplace not working occurs then it can become a more frustrating issue.

Here are some causes and solutions why Facebook Marketplace not working.

Location of Facebook Marketplace icon on any platform:-

If you use an Android device for Facebook login then you can search the Marketplace icon which is located at the top of the app. For iOS users, they can find it at the bottom of the icon.

If you login Facebook at desktop then you can find the marketplace icon on the left side of the Facebook page which is just above the shortcut menu.

In any situation, due to the egregious nature of the Marketplace icon, switching between various devices and platforms should not make it more complicated to find.

Once you find the Marketplace location then you can fix the Facebook marketplace not working error.

A common reason for the Marketplace icon absent:-

First of all, you should understand it clearly that Facebook has not any written policy that can favor an active Facebook account when it comes to Marketplace access. So, if you create an account just before two days ago and don’t do anything except try to access the Marketplace then you may be locked out of it.

Due to this, you also suffer from the error like Facebook marketplace not working.

Approach Marketplace from the menu:-

Most of the time, the Marketplace icon should be visible in the Facebook app. In case it is not visible there then there is no reason to assume that Marketplace is down or you are restricted to access it. So, you can simply try to access it from the menu itself.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Click on the three-line menu option.
  • Click on the see more.
  • Situate and click on the Marketplace icon.

Update the Facebook app:-

If you are using the Facebook marketplace from your android device or iPhone and you get an error like the Facebook marketplace not working then you should check for updating the Facebook app with the latest version. To check for update go to the play store or app store, search the Facebook app and check to see if any update is available. If any update is available then update it instantly. Now open Facebook again to check your issue is resolved.

About language restriction:-

It is also possible that you are using Facebook from the past 10 years, you might still not have access to the marketplace.

First of all, assure that your Facebook default language is set to English. So, go for English (US) just to be on the safe mode.

One thing also assures that your location or country is not locked out of the Marketplace. You can find the list of admitted locations by using Google or by sending a request with the help of the Facebook support page. From here, change your country or location to an acceptable location.

Who frequently travels overseas is particularly like to lost access to the Facebook Marketplace. Whenever you change your Facebook location then the new location will override the country data. It makes the possibility of locked out of Facebook Marketplace. And you get error Facebook Marketplace not working. So, always maintain your correct location to be active with Facebook Marketplace.

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