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How to fix amazon error code 9074

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Amazon error code 9074

How to fix amazon error code 9074

Most of the users experience the amazon error code 9074 when they are streaming Amazon prime video through their Roku device. This error message is new and has surfaced recently in different televisions when users are streaming movies or shows.

Since it is a new error, and when the error message surfaced, amazon officials silent on why this issue occurs. Customer representatives have said it is a technical fault which will be solved within few times. Generally, this error stays for a few hours.

Cause of Amazon error code 9074:-

Amazon error code 9074 occurs due to many reasons; some of them are given below:

Technical faults:-

Amazon prime video facing issues at the backend server when it is applied to the majority of the cases. If there are errors at the backend then there is nothing you can do except wait the error solve.

  • Service outage:-

Amazon undergoes several outages (like Facebook, Netflix, etc). Where all of Amazon services are not usable in a particular geographic area or all around the world. This is a very common problem, and you can do anything except waiting.
Channel issue:-

Suppose, you are using Roku to stream Amazon prime and are using a channel, there might be an illustration where there is an issue with the configuration of the channel. By resetting the channel can fix this issue.

  • Roku in error state:-

In case, you use Roku to stream Amazon prime video, then most probably it will be added to your amazon account management. This issue is a known issue and most of the people presumed a workaround where you unregister the Roku device and then access Amazon prime video.

  • Device in error state:-

  • Another common error is that why users experience the amazon error code 9074 is if any of the devices (including internet router, TV, Roku, etc) are in the error state. If you power cycling them, then it refreshes the entire temporary configuration and fixes the issues.

Here are the solutions of amazon error code 9074:-

Amazon prime video status:-

First of all, navigate to the internet and check what the status of Amazon prime video is. Also in amazon (like all other streaming devices) has some downtime where it is either facing some technical difficulty or undergoing maintenance you cannot do anything about.
You can do one thing, navigate to amazon forums and Reddit and check if the issue is also persisting there for other users. If you see a common behavior, from other users as well, then don’t be panic nothing wrong from your end.

But, you see yourself as the only one, consider going through the fixes listed below. Now, you can navigate to the down detector and check the status. The resolved issues are also listed there with time and date.

  • Power cycling your setup:-

  • Power cycling your entire setup before move on to changing the configuration in your amazon account Roku. Power cycling is a function to shut down everything on your computer and also remove the power cords from the power outlets. It will make sure that all the temporary configurations have been erased and when you start the device again, the default configurations will be set.

         Resetting channel in Roku:-

If you are using Roku to stream amazon prime video, most probably you would have added a channel to access the platform. Here are the problems with the channels as you add them manually. When you add them manually then there are chances of the configurations not being set properly. If you are not able to stream prime video and having issues:

  • Go to your Roku channel menu and navigate to prime video’s channel
  • Now, click on the channel options and then click on remove
  • After that, restart your computer in a proper way
  • Now, navigate to the channel store and search for prime video
  • Click on Add channel and launch prime video

Now, check is the issues is resolved

Ujjwal Abhishek

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