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How to Edit a YouTube Video

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Edit a YouTube video

How to Edit a YouTube Video

We are living in the age of the internet. Almost every essential transaction needs some online help right now. The internet has become so vast that it is used in almost all walks of our lives. YouTube is one of the online services that is used by billions of users. You can know the extent that Youtube has reached by looking at the data of 2011 (quite old data).

As per that data, the views of YouTube videos had surpassed the 1 trillion mark. Watching videos has become one of the most popular means to gain information and YouTube has the biggest stock of videos online. If you are the one who keeps on uploading videos on YouTube and you are looking for ways to edit a YouTube video, this article is for you. Here, we will be discussing the ways you can edit your videos and we will also be talking about different tools that may help you to edit a YouTube video.

Making a video has become quite an easy task after smartphones started coming with good quality cameras. But the videos that you record using any device need some editing to be done in there before uploading them on the YouTube. Here, we will talk about the ways you are going to make your videos even better. You should know that there are several free tools to do this job nowadays. YouTube Editor is one such tool that is available for free. In the next section, we will talk about using the YouTube Editor to help you edit a YouTube video.

How to find the Timeline and Editor on YouTube:

Many users find difficulty in finding the Editor and the Timeline on YouTube. You can reach the editor directly by typing the following URL in your browser: YouTube.com/editor.

Once you are in the Video Editor, you need to understand the timeline. If you want to add some clip from the pool of videos to your timeline, all you have to do is just drag that clip from your pool to your timeline. You should know that any video that has the Creative Common License and you have uploaded it on YouTube can be added to your timeline as well.

You can add the videos by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the tab that has an icon of encircled CC on it.
  2. Then, a new page will appear on the screen showing all the videos that have the Creative Common
  3. Select a video from there and drag it to your timeline.

Trimming your videos:

Most of the video editing tools allow the users to cut out any part from the middle of the video but the YouTube editor doesn’t provide this facility. Here, you need to move the video that you want to trim twice on your timeline. Then, you have to trim each of those videos. After this procedure is complete, you will be having two short videos of the same video that you want to trim. You can do it even for more time if you want to split your video further. We advise you to know the exact start as well as the endpoint before trimming any video because you can’t do it precisely by looking at the video.

Stabilizing the footage:

In this article, we are talking about how to edit a YouTube video for those who use phones for making YouTube videos. As people using phones don’t use tripods/gimbals while shooting the videos so, the footage becomes a little bit shaky (sometimes the video becomes very shaky). You should know that the YouTube editor has an option to stabilize the footage.

Follow the steps mentioned below to stabilize the footage using the YouTube editor:

  1. Move the cursor over the video that is on your timeline.
  2. Then, you will see three icons, click on the icon that is at the center. (this icon looks like a magic stick).
  3. After clicking on this option, the clip you want to edit will open on a new window. There will be several editing options on that window.
  4. Tick in the box before the option Preview effects side by side with original video.
  5. After you have checked the box, find the Stabilize Video You can use this bar to make your footage look more stabilized.

Note: You should keep in mind that the clarity of your video reduces as you stabilize your videos. So, you should try to make use of this feature only up to your requirement as it affects the quality of your video.

Using the Transition option:

Transition options are a good tool if you want to edit a YouTube video. These tools are very important when you want to combine many small clips into one. After using this tool the complete video plays without interruptions. Here, we will tell you about using this tool for making your videos better. Follow the tips mentioned below to use the segue (transition) tools:

  1. Just beneath the option Video Manager, you will find an icon of two arrows pointing to each other. Click on this icon to open the list of transition tools. There are 15 tools of this kind in total.
  2. We have tried every tool of that category and then we found that the first two options are worthy and all others are not good enough.
  3. These two options have the names Crossfade and Crossblur. You can use any of these tools by simply clicking on those tools and then drag them to your timeline.

If you want to introduce a break amidst your video, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. You can use anything to be displayed in the time where the video has been broken.
  2. Click on the tab called text that has a lower case letter a and this tab is located next to the transition tab.
  3. Drag the tab that you have selected to your timeline to a proper space where you want the break in the video.
  4. Now, a pop-up screen will appear on the screen. Here, delete the text written on the text box.
  5. After completing this video, you will see a 2 seconds break in your video.

Adding a soundtrack to your Video:

We have told you a lot about how to edit a YouTube video (especially the visual part), now in this section, we will be discussing about how to add a soundtrack to your video. To make your videos more interactive you need to add good quality sound effects in your videos. Because users enjoy the videos by visuals as well as the sound. Just like the horror movies where almost half of the role is played by the sound effects.

Guidelines to add soundtrack in your video using the YouTube editor:

  1. On your Timeline, you will find a tab that looks like a music note. Click on this tab.
  2. Then, a list of songs will appear on the screen. (you can add only these soundtracks to your videos).
  3. After you have chosen an audio track to add in your video, you can add the song to completely replace the raw audio of your video or you can also mix the soundtrack with the raw audio of your video.
  4. To add a particular soundtrack to your video, you have to move that song to your timeline. Drag the soundtrack just below your video clip.
  5. Then you will see a slider on the right side of the screen. You can use this slider to mix the audio track with your video.

Many users face issues while adding the soundtrack. You can fix this issue by refreshing the page. If you are unable to fix the problem after refreshing the page, you need to remove that video/soundtrack from your timeline and then add it again.

The most annoying thing about the audio is you can’t trim the audio clip to fit it with your video. You will see that if the duration of the song is longer than the video then the song will somehow manage to end along with the video no matter how awkward it gets.

While adding a song from the YouTube library, you should keep in mind that it will be hard to monetize your videos if you have added the songs from YouTube library in your video.

Final Words for those who make videos for YouTube:

In this article, we have told you several ways to edit a YouTube video. But there are few things that you should keep in mind when you are making videos for YouTube. Just keep these points in mind:

  1. Your video should be based on some event that users may find trendy. You should be well aware of the time when you are shooting the video.
  2. You should shoot your video in a good manner using proper equipment. Because your video depends on the raw footage. If you don’t have the right footage, you can’t make that video up to the mark no matter how hard you try to edit the video.
  3. Several gimbals are available at reasonable rates you can use to avoid shaky videos.

We have mentioned every possible way to help with your video editing task related to the YouTube. In case, you find any difficulty when you edit a YouTube video, feel free to contact us through our website and the other contact details provided below.  Our team of experts is available 24X7 to help you fix all problems of PCs and phones.

Website: www.itsneb.com

Contact: +1(866)235-4333

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